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How to choose a massage gun?

What first-timers want

The thing most people look for when they're buying a massage gun for the first time?

They want it to be strong-- to deliver an intense massage.

And they learn about two key ways to measure the strength of a massage gun: speed and amplitude.

The higher the speed, the faster and more intense the percussive action.  The higher the amplitude, the deeper the gun pushes into the [muscle] tissue.

The trade-off between speed and amplitude

But the way massage guns are engineered means that there will always be a trade-off between speed and amplitude.

Massage guns use a component called an eccentric to convert the rotations of the motor into linear, back-and-forth percussive action.

The bigger the disk, the deeper the amplitude, but the slower the gun. And a smaller disk means a shorter back-and-forth journey for the gun-head-- that is, a shallower amplitude, at a faster speed.

So a great massage gun will hit the sweet spot, with a high enough speed, and a deep enough amplitude.

What experienced users look for

But the people we're most interested in are those buying a massage gun for the second time.

These experienced users have had their gun for months, and they know what bothers them about it day after day after day.

And the number one thing they're annoyed by? The noise:

Tanya W. Verified Buyer

“Charged it and turned on. Very LOUD! The video does not reveal this. Should come with earplugs.”

Jonathan C. Verified Buyer

Almost too loud to use.
“It works well but it’s so loud that I can hardly use it at night as it will wake up our small children”

Amazon Customer

This gun is LOUD

Reviewed in the United States on December 14, 2020

Size: Hypervolt w/ Bluetooth Verified Purchase

It’s effective but LOUD! It rattles if you apply any kind of pressure. My neighbor even said something about the noise. Look for a quieter brand!


Not as quiet as they claim

Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2020

Color: Black Verified Purchase

It sounds pretty quiet in the idle mode, but when you start using it - it is pretty loud. The primary noise starts when you actually apply the head on the body surface.

Some powerful massage guns are as loud as a vacuum cleaner-- not exactly an aid to relaxation. For some reviewers, the noise can be so off-putting that they end up using their pricey purchase far less often than they'd planned to.

A gun that fits unobtrusively into their daily routine, and that they can use every day, everywhere: in a public gym or workspace, while watching TV, or late at night when the household's asleep. (Our post-purchase interviews found that a majority of users most frequently use their Hydragun on the living room couch, and 83% use it in close proximity to other members of their household.)

Quietness as a mark of quality

But there's more to a quiet gun than the less grating user experience it brings.

Quietness is a mark of quality and durability in a powerful massage gun.

Motor quality. A massage gun may be quiet if it has a weaker motor. But a gun that's both quiet and powerful (high-torque) will likely have a brushless motor-- a motor that transfers current using an electronic controller, instead of a mechanical system with carbon “brushes” that experience both mechanical friction and electrical erosion as they brush against the motor’s moving parts.

Less friction means less heat, better performance or energy efficiency, and greater motor longevity, since there's no brush erosion to worry about.
Brushless motors are also more lightweight, which is what helps us keep the Hydragun under 1.04kg (2.29lbs).

Build quality. Some smaller, weaker guns may start out quiet, with lower-torque motors that don't make much noise. But many will start to develop a [death] rattle after a few months' use.

This is a sign that the supporting components and housing are beginning to shake loose. The increased rattling also compounds the wear-and-tear on the gun and its motor and components.

Another bad sign is if the gun starts vibrating more, or vibrates a lot from the start: poor vibration dampening is another sign of inefficiency and careless calibration in the design and manufacturing process. It can also make for an unpleasant, hand-numbing user experience.

The bottom line

Many other factors also affect the massage gun user experience, including battery life, weight, material, and shape.

(See how Hydragun's others specs compare to top competitors)

But experienced users will always look for three key things. First, that the massage gun is strong enough for their needs. Second, that it’s built solidly enough inside and out, so it can withstand frequent use. And third -- as both the most obvious marker of motor and build quality, and a requirement for a relaxing recovery experience -- that it's quiet.

In other words:

look for the strong, silent type.

Try it yourself

We are quietly confident that you’ll love the Hydragun. But if you’re still skeptical, we have a 30-day “Love it or Return it” guarantee. We also back our quality claims with a generous 1.5-year warranty.



David Kennedy

My new 2nd best friend...

"It's so quiet... this was one of the reasons I bought it in the first place. I can sit next to my wife and massage away quietly while watching TV."



Alfonso Lesback


"The Hydragun is very quiet, light weight, has excellent battery life and is a very sturdy product."



Sammy H


"I am very impressed with the quality of materials used in the Hydragun, the look and feel is the best..."

"With 97% five-star reviews, most HYDRAGUN users are wildly impressed with the performance and lack of noise. “Very impressed. Love using it and love how quiet it is. Great for after training soreness [and] recovery. Would recommend
to anyone.”

"Weighs less than 2.3 pounds and gives you superb percussive therapy and ease of use, thanks to the ergonomic 90-degree handle that helps you reach your shoulders, neck, and back sans struggle... only 30 to 60 decibels of noise while in use (that means it’s quieter than a fridge and some laptops). It also looks damn nice with an aerospace-grade aluminum chassis and a nanosilicone-wrapped handle.”

"I love (Hydragun) because its quiet enough to use while I’m watching TV. Now my binge watching of McLeod’s Daughters can be classified as ‘recovery’!"

"At-home massage guns have been around for years, but this one is special... Its uniqueness lies in the motor that’s powered by a proprietary smoothing technology, meaning it’s the quietest device on the market. So [a] new mom can melt away neck tension without waking the baby, while [a] veteran of three can work on her quads without disrupting the latest Disney movie."

"Named by many publications as the quietest Massage gun on the market, the Hydragun has swept America, becoming a hot favourite of Olympians and elite sports people like."

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