How we made a best-in-class sauna blanket – at an incredible price


The HeatPod
Sauna Blanket

  • “When it comes to the best infrared sauna blankets on the market, few models look — and feel — as good as this one.”

  • “Sure to be your new favorite relaxation companion.”

  • “A top-rated sauna blanket.”

    Hi there,

    We’re HYDRAGUN. We make simple, premium recovery products used and loved by world-class athletes, health and fitness professionals, and other serious and exciting people.

    If you happen to be in the market for a sauna blanket, we have just one thing to say to you:

    Our sauna blanket, the HeatPod, is the most competitively-priced option on the market today.

    What’s more, we also believe it’s the very best sauna blanket that money can buy. Read on to find out why.

    The best features and specs for less

    We designed the HeatPod to have the best specs on the market, as well as an extremely competitive price.

    Here’s a handy chart of the top-selling sauna blankets available in Canada, and how they stack up on various features, so you can see for yourself:

    Some extra notes on the above points:

    • Zips vs. velcro
    • Zips cost a little more than velcro. We’ve opted for zips because we feel they lock in the heat better, and they don’t pick up hair, lint and other fluff like velcro does.
    • Zero-EMF vs. low-EMF heating coils
    • We’ve chosen to take the extra step of placing additional layers of EMF-blocking Faraday shielding around the carbon fiber infrared coils that power the HeatPod.

    ...we’ve opted for zero so you’ll have complete peace of mind.”

    • If you opt for a low-EMF option, you will probably still not turn into the Incredible Hulk. But we’ve opted for zero so you’ll have complete peace of mind.
    • Temperature range
    • The HeatPod has the highest temperature range of all the options above. Its lowest setting, 30°C, provides a very gentle warming effect. Its maximum setting, 80°C, is pleasantly hot, and almost no one on our team or in our product testing process found it too hot for.
    • Saunas need to be hot to be effective– and we’re extremely confident that you will not be better off with a blanket with a lower temperature range than ours.
    • Precision control
    • The beautiful thing about having your very own at-home sauna is the ability to tailor the experience to suit your needs and preferences.
    • So we’ve made sure the HeatPod is fully customizable.
    • You can set the duration of each sauna session to the minute, and the temperature to within a single degree Celsius.
    • Crystals
    • See below for our hot take on crystals – no pun intended.
    • Towel inserts
    • The best sauna blankets come with matching towel inserts that run the full length of the blanket and help to improve comfort and absorb sweat.
    • We think towel inserts are a must for an enjoyable, fuss-free sauna experience – so you can enjoy your session in the nude, and without the hassle of sweating into your clothes on the regular.
    • We’ve made the HeatPod’s towel insert out of 100% waffle weave cotton. It’s soft, lightweight, and super-absorbent– and gets softer with every wash. It’s also less bulky than regular terrycloth towels, making it fast-drying and easy to fold down to a manageable size.

    In short, we think we make pretty much the best-configured sauna blanket on the market today.

    And we’ve done this while also keeping our prices low, so the HeatPod will cost you far less than other premium options available.

    Based on our calculations, a sauna blanket from HigherDose with a towel insert and storage bag will run you $1,027 plus an additional $133.51 in tax, for a total of $1,160.51.

    The HeatPod with a towel insert and storage bag costs just $759 – over $400 less. (And that’s before our Black Friday discount.)

    How did we manage this? Read on.

    The magic of no crystals

    We love a good crystal as much as the next person, but we simply do not believe that they add any value to a sauna blanket.

    So we left them out of ours – and passed the savings in materials and shipping weight on to you.

    That’s it.

    (Well – we also run a highly efficient digital-first business setup which enables operational cost savings, but that’s another story.)

    As you may know, sauna use is associated with an incredibly wide range of health benefits, according to both traditional wisdom and the latest scientific research.

    A recent review of the available scientific literature (Patrick and Johnson, 2021) summed up the key benefits as follows:

    • Anti-aging benefits from release of heat shock proteins, which promote cell regeneration and preserve proteome integrity Read more
    • Same physiological effects as cardio exercise, with similar cardiovascular and longevity benefits Read more
    • May help maintain muscle mass by boosting growth hormone synthesis and Akt/mTOR pathway activity, and improve metabolic capacity and endurance Read more
    • Cognitive and brain health benefits like increased neuroplasticity and neurogenesis in areas of the brain related to learning and memory Read more
    • Mental health benefits from increased BDNF and endorphins and reduced cortisol, including relief from anxiety and depression symptoms Read more
    • Dose-dependent, cumulative benefits – that is, the more you sauna, the more the benefits accumulate! Read more

    That’s frankly enough benefits from just sauna use alone, that we think you can do without the crystals – which in our view do not add any real health and wellness benefits.

    No hidden charges either

    $699 means $699 if you’re buying the HeatPod.

    It’s an additional $60 (for a total of $759) if you’re buying the towel insert as well.

    That’s it.

    Any shipping fees, taxes, etc are included in the price.

    We’re also serious about offering you a full refund if you decide after 30 days that the HeatPod is not for you – no deductions for restocking fees or for the cost of return shipping.

    We mention this because, at time of writing at least, this is unfortunately not the case for some of our competitors.

    A premium experience

    At HYDRAGUN, we work hard to create products that we can offer at an unbeatable price, while still offering a no-compromise premium experience.

    That’s why we’re proud to be Rolling Stone magazine’s top “luxe pick” for sauna blankets on the market today. Here’s what they have to say about their HeatPod experience:

    Unlike some of the cheaper blankets on the market, the HeatPod is made from a luxe vegan leather, that’s thick enough to create a cocoon without making you feel constricted. The material is soft and plush, and also sweat-resistant.

    Carbon-fiber coils heat up in seconds and you can control everything from the temperature to the duration with the easy settings feature. When it comes to the best infrared sauna blankets on the market, few models look — and feel — as good as this one.

    So try the HeatPod risk-free today, for a best-in-class sauna blanket experience at a market-beating price.

    Our most popular products sometimes run out of stock during busy periods, so if you’ve decided on a HeatPod, do order yours soon to avoid disappointment.